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About IDL

Having had more than 42 years experience, Ursela Roch took her understanding of the industry and passion for diamonds to establish her own business and so the Independent Diamond Grading Laboratory (IDL) was born. Situated in the SA Jewellery Centre in Jewel City, IDL has been serving the industry for more than seven years.

IDL prides itself for a grading system that complies with international standards and compares excellent to the grading of internationally recognised laboratories.

In providing superior services aimed at factories, dealers, jewellers, as well as private buyers, sellers and the public, IDL has always been an avid supporter of its clients being educated when buying or selling.

IDL certified diamonds are hassle-free when being insured as they are accompanied by an IDL certificate, which insurance companies insist on having before insuring.

IDL stands for passion, dedication and the commitment to provide clients with trained expertise, innovative technology and professionalism – guaranteeing that every diamond graded reflects its true value.


Our laboratory services ensure that the public remains confident when buying or selling as, ultimately, the trade is best protected when the public is well served.

When quality counts, ask for an IDL certificate.

What we can do for you

  • Fast and efficient service: we will grade your diamonds – including those received via courier – on the same day we receive them. We proudly pledge “no waiting – no delay”.
  • We also undertake to deliver quality service – at the best price.

Services offered

  • Consultations
  • Large certificates
  • Opinions
  • Seals
  •  All our diamonds are placed on the diamond sure in order to detect any fakes, synthetics or HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) treated diamonds. In instances where the diamond does not pass this process, it progresses for
  • Further testing on the diamond view, a very sophisticated machine indicating whether the diamond has been treated.
  • We give expert advice on repairs, improvements and recutting for maximum profitability.
  • We advise the polisher throughout the polishing process.
  • Other services include laser drilling, boiling, deep boiling as well as the use of hydrofluoric acid when boiling to remove iron oxide.


Gem quality Tanzanites is one of the rarest gemstone in the world , and is highly valued because of its beauty and rarity.
When grading Tanzanite we proud ourselves to grade them with the same professionalism as when grading diamonds.


For peace of mind, pay us a visit or give us a call.

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